Tricks and Treats from VillainPaper!

Happy Halloween from VillainPaper!

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays given our huge collection of vintage horror comics!  Fear is one of the holiday’s central themes, and that theme is featured often in nostalgia horror titles:  fear of death, fear of the unknown, fear of being held accountable for one’s misdeeds, or even fear of terrifying entities that strike at random. 

Whatever it is you fear, you’ll find a story to feed it on VillainPaper, where we have hundreds of retro horror and sci-fi comic titles at your disposal.  So in that spirit, let’s dig down deep in our library and explore three vintage horror series worth turning the lights down low for.  All three series are available on VillainPaper to read right now, and each has a story featured in our Halloween volume that you can read here.

Adventures into the Unknown

The first serial horror comics title, Adventures Into the Unknown had an epic 174-issue run from 1948 to 1967.  Adventures was published by American Comics Group and featured a notable stable of artists that included Edvard Moritz, Fred Guardineer, John Celardo, Ken Bald and Ogden Whitney, and Ken Landau.  The anthology series touched on virtually every horror genre over the course of its run, from vampires to ghosts to otherwordly dimensions.

Everyone needs a good scare on Halloween, and "Haunted House" - the story we selected for the VillainPaper 2017 Halloween Special - certainly fits the bill!  It has all the classic elements of a good ghost story: a devious testator, a skeptical heir, a spooky mansion and one (or more) ghosts! Written by one of the finest horror writers of the time and avowed Lovecraftian, Frank Belknap Long, we couldn't resist highlighting this supernatural tale!

Out of This World

Plagued by the circulation slump that beset the comic book industry following the 1954 adoption of the Comics Code Authority, publisher Charlton Comics began frantically expanding its comic offerings.  Eventually, Charlton would eventually offer titles in virtually every genre, including horror, romance, war, crime, and action-adventure.  "Out of This World," a science-fiction anthology series that was a functional predecessor to the 1960's television show "the Outer Limits," debuted in August 1956 and lasted 16 issues, until December 1959.

By Issue #5 (cover pictured below) Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko had taken over virtually all pencil and inking duties.  Twelve of the sixteen issues had Steve Ditko's art on their cover, including Issue #5, which is signed.  That's one reason we picked the cover tale from Out of This World #5 as one of three selections for our VillainPaper 2017 Halloween Special, which you can read RIGHT HERE ... if you don't mind facing off against a giantic sea beast, that is.


Witchcraft, by Avon Publications, had a comparatively shorter run than the rest of our offerings featured in the 2017 VillainPaper Halloween Special.  It lasted just six issues between 1952 and 1953, but each issue is packed full of supernatural fare, including voodoo rituals, lycanthropy, possession, murder, and yes, witchcraft.  

Why'd we pick Witchcraft for inclusion in our Halloween Special?  We couldn't resist the unique combination of horror elements offered up by the "The Vampire Puppet," penciled and inked by Edward Goldfarb.  A bit campy?  Absolutely ... but the notion of a murderous vampire ventriloquist doll hellbent on revenge was too good to pass up in our short anthology!  Witchcraft is perhaps the darkest of our offerings ... but the saying goes to save the most terrifying for last, right?

Remember, you can find some of our favorite Halloween stories from these titles, free to read on any device HERE!  And while you're at it, don't forget to sign up for our newletter and a free month of vintage comics HERE!


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