Happy Halloween!

A very happy Halloween from us here at VillainPaper! This is one of our favorite holidays to celebrate because our library is jam packed with creepy, gruesome tales of things that go bump in the night. We happily celebrate the legacies of these vintage comics, as many of the most shocking tales were all but eradicated following the adoption of the Comics Code Authority in 1954, which heavily regulated comic book content and was formed in part because of the horror tales that were prevalent at the time. We thought as a special treat (or trick?) we'd showcase a few of the titles in our collection.

Technically a Standard Comics title, Out of the Shadows was one of many short-lived horror series developed publisher Ned Pines. It lasted only ten issues, ceasing publication in the same year the Comics Code Authority took hold. Each issue featured a collection of short horror tales, including the bewitching story "The Black Candle" hauntingly penciled and inked by the late Gene Fawcette.

At least Mortalla Noll could be extinguished, unlike our next villain. Vampires are notorious for their nocturnal habits and unquenchable thirst, and the ones in our library won't be mistaken for your Twilight fare, as this teaser panel from Charlton's "The Thing" #8 demonstrates.

Bob Forgione sure knew how to make an image pop, probably why he eventually came to work for Marvel and DC. But what was so ironic about the "vein" our vampiric antagonist sought to tap? You'll have to read the full story to find out, but let's just say there won't be any bad blood between us if you're a bit too timid for stories of the eternal undead.

Too much a skeptic for the vampire myth? The Ouiji board is a popular Halloween tradition that traces its roots back to the spiritualism movement in the post-Civil War United States. Even if you haven't used one in a darkened room yourself, you've probably seen it used as a means of demonic communication in movies like "The Exorcist" and "Paranomal Activity." But as we learn in "Beware! Terror Tales!" #8 (a short-lived pre-Code horror anthology series from Charlton Comics), that's even more reason to be wary of its powers ...

Well, it's time that we're off to do our own trick or treating. Oh, and if you find yourself curled up on a dark and stormy night with some free time, our library to vintage horror comics is ready to keep you company . Beware of things that might linger after you close the browser, though ...



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