Welcome to the Villain Paper blog!

Welcome to VillainPaper and thanks for checking us out!

If you're come this far, you probably know VillainPaper wants to be your go-to source for vintage digital comic books. We already have thousands of titles from Golden Age publishers in our database, and we're adding more all the time. We love vintage comics - the same kind we read as kids - and we hope you'll take a moment to browse our catalog (after finishing this blog, of course)!

Blue Beetle #5 from Charlton ComicsWe created this website so we could share that love with you. Many vintage comics - especially from the 1930s, '40s, and '50s - simply are no longer available to the general public in hard copy, either because print copies no longer widely exist or because they rest in the hands of private collectors, and are cost prohibitive to obtain. But the stories, written and drawn by comic's pioneers - like Steve Ditko, Joe Gill, and Jack Kirby - nonetheless deserve to be shared with the world.

That's where we come in. Our database consists primarily of public domain Golden Age comics at the moment, which we've compiled and curated from various sources. We've implemented an easy-to-use reader technology, and we're constantly working on site improvements to bring these vintage comics to you, wherever and whenever you want them. Although we consider ourselves among the pioneers in this preservation effort, we want to acknowledge others' great work, among them Comic Book Plus and the Digital Comic Museum.

So, keep checking back, both at the main webiste and at the blog. Among other things, we'll be using this space to highlight:

  • New publishers & series on VillainPaper
  • In-depth looks at vintage publishers, series and titles
  • Golden Age genres
  • Comic book history
  • Current events in comic book culture and style

We hope you enjoy this adventure with us! You can preview our reader technology with some free comics here, and, if you're enjoying what you find here at VillainPaper, make sure we can keep the lights on by making a one-time payment of just $5 for access to our entire library until 2019!


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