Saturday Morning comics: April 15, 2017

Saturday mornings are for cartoons and comics, or at least they were around our house as kids. In that tradition, each Saturday morning we highlight two or more comics that we're reading to kick off the weekend. Every comic we highlight in this space is available right here on VillainPaper, any time on any device! So check out today's offerings and then hit the "Join" button below and sign up for our FREE 30-day trial or click here for some free reads!

The Lone Rider #10 (October 1952)

The Lone Rider (one of several Golden Age Lone Ranger clones) brings all the Wild West action straight to your screen! Rancher Jim Larrimore and his trust horse, Lightning, battle crime and corruption as the Lone Rider in this early 1950s Farrell series, widely believed to have been drawn by Jack Kamen (of "Creepshow" fame).  

Issue #10 features, "Hold That Hanging!" which finds the Lone Rider not only saving hanging victims from a band of outlaws, but helping the cowardly son of a sheriff find the courage to stand up for what's right! In "Battle Cry," Lone Rider's friend, the Indian Swift Arrow, tells how he acquired the silver bugle he carries with him.  Although the story relies on certain sterotypes common throughout Golden Age comics featuring Indians, it ends with notes of equality and peace. And last but not least, the Lone Rider battles the cheating, murdering Rio Renegades in "Trouble Trail!" 

The New Adventures of Davy Crockett #5 (April 1956)

Chalton brought the world's most famous frontiersman to life in this eight-issue series from the mid 1950s.  Issue #5's cover by Maurice Whitman-one of Charlton's most proflicit artists during that time-features Crockett in a typical fighting pose, with a raised musket and powder horn.  Inside, the action never stops.  In "Captive," Crockett is taken prisoner by an Indian tribe and its rebel leader, but will a duel with the rebel be Crockett's last? Apparently not, because in "the Thirteenth Target," Crockett takes twelve of Little Rock's best marksmen! Also in Issue #5: Crockett takes on the largest bear you'll ever see in "Tale of the Giant," and much more! You won't want to miss this action-packed series, along with Charlton's other series, on VillainPaper!



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