Saturday Morning Comics: April 29, 2017

Saturday mornings are for cartoons and comics, or at least they were around our house as kids. In that tradition, each Saturday morning we highlight two or more comics that we're reading to kick off the weekend. Every comic we highlight in this space is available right here on VillainPaper, any time on any device! So check out today's offerings and then hit the "Join" button below and sign up for our FREE 30-day trial or click here for some free reads!

Spy & Counterspy #1 (Aug-Sept 1949)

As America wound down from World War II and geared up for the Cold War, spy and espionage novels became the rage.  Ian Fleming's first James Bond novel, "Casino Royale," debuted in 1953, and comics were not immune from the trend in literature toward sexy, sophisticated spy stories.  American Comics Group's short-lived title "Spy and Counterspy" comes as advertised: "spin-tingling adventures and gripping romances of America's unsung heroes!"  

The first story introduces us to Jonathan Kent, an American counterspy with a hell of a first assignment: investigate the disappearance of a member of the Atomic Board and recover pans for an atomic bomb detonator!  "Operation China," beautifully illustrated by John Belfi, Americans must help rescue a Chinese nationalist leader from communist kidnapping.  The issue even included a story based on the real-life World War I German spy Mata Hari!

Young Heroes # 36 (April-May 1955)

We couldn't help but being captivated by this "Robin Hood" style cover by the late Ogden Whitney, who also illustrated the companion tale "Roger of Sherwood Forest."  Roger, one of Robin's merry band, battles the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham, who, as it turns out, is Roger's uncle.  To what legths will the Sheriff go when King Richards sends a royal investigator to look into the proverty the Sheriff has beset upon Nottingham?  

Roger isn't the only Young Hero you'll find! "Jeremy Jones," written and illustrated by Paul Gustavson; just 16 years old and already a hero, Jeremy is kidnapped twice, but still finds a way to fight for his country!  And in "Prince Athel," a young prince undertakes a dangerous journey to protect a young princess who has long been coveted by the brigand Baron Crawley!  

All this and much more awaits in Young Heroes #36 ... don't miss it! 


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