Saturday Morning Comics: April 8, 2017

Saturday mornings are for cartoons and comics, or at least they were around our house as kids. In that tradition, each Saturday morning we highlight two or more comics that we're reading to kick off the weekend. Every comic we highlight in this space is available right here on VillainPaper, any time on any device! So check out today's offerings and then hit the "Join" button below and sign up for our FREE 30-day trial or click here for some free reads!

Black Cobra #2

We just had to showcase this stellar cover art by Ken Battlefield! The Black Cobra, aka FBI Agent Steve Drake, singlehandled buries a bus full of soviet agents, with the text suggesting at least one might be a traitor to the United States.  

Unfortunately, the "Trap for A Traitor" story doesn't appear in this issue or any of the other two Black Cobra issues released in 1954.  Although there is a story in issue #2 captioned "Trap for Traitors," there are, in fact, no traitors found anywhere in the story.  Instead, several foreign agents conspire to steal America's new secret war machine, and only the Black Cobra stands in their way!  There is a strong suggestion this story was meant to be called "Grenades for Glory."   


Black Cobra #2 (also known as Black Cobra #6, thanks to Farrell's rather funky issue numbering system and title continuation practices) also finds our hero attempting to ferret out a secret Soviet air base in "The Big Blast," and he faces a "Deadline for Danger" as he attempts to thwart a spy attempt to blow up an atomic plant!  

Captain Flight Comics #2

It's all-out war as Captain Flight's top secret "microbe plane" plans are stolen by Morvia! Bill Boynanski (under the psydonym Frank Stevens) illustrates this fun little tale of flight warfare as the fictional nations Turnia defends itself against Morvia, with the aid of Captain Flight!  The battle then turns to the ground as Captain Flight attempts to locate the spies behind the theft and clear his woman's name.  And even then, there's no rest for our hero as he comes across a merchant marine ship under attack ... Captain Flight is literally non-stop action!

But if you're thirsting for more adventure and spy intrigue, Captain Flight #2 also features "Ace Reynolds," a war correspondent who gets more than a story as he disguises himself as a sailor for a night on the town.  Then there's Professor X ... no, not that Professor X.  This is Professor X, a crime historian who relates tales of crimina mischief to his students:

This criminal lawyer Professor X speaks of has a perfect plan to betray his client and claim a reward, but the only thing standing in his way is ... a ghost?  Read all 52 pages of high-flying action on VillainPaper to find out!


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