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CAMERA COMICS #6 (Sept 1945)

Camera Comics was a short-lived anthology series by U.S. Camera Publications (we'll have more on their interesting story soon!) designed to draw children into the photography field.  Issue #6 features Jim Lane, an insurance investigator whose photography holds the key to discovering an arsonist's identity, a short biography of William Henry Fox Talbot, a "Trailblazer of Photography," and Linda Lens' broken camera unwittingly ensnares her in an international smuggling cartel!  There are, of course, also photo galleries, photography tips, and the adventures of "Kid Click!" 


Originally a Fawcett title (later Charlton picked it up) Strange Suspense Stories was a long-running anthology series of ... you guessed it, strange stories! That's pretty evident from the cover of Issue #2 of Fawcett's series, with some fantastic, fun art by Bernard Baily.  This cover, as well as the terrifying "Death By Inches" story within, would be reprinted by IDW in 2016 as part of its "Chilling Archives of Horror" series.  Also featured in this issue: "Aieeee! The Teeth", a story about a man haunted by his ghastly acts; and "The Hunter Who Became the Hunted!", a short story about a big game hunter who confronts the ultimate prey.

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