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BULLETMAN #5 (May 1942)

We were captivated by this copy of Bulletman #5 from the moment we laid eyes on Mac Raboy's cover!  In "Dressed to Kill," Bulletman and Bulletgirl battle new crime lord The Dude, a dasterdly fella who represents in no small part a combination of several Batman foes!  And the Batman parallels don't stop there; "The Fat Fiend" features a Penguin-esque villain, while you can probably guess the Batman lookalike at the heart of "The Riddle of Dr. Riddle."  Bulletman's Dr. Riddle was more template than copycat, though, as Batman's The Riddler wouldn't make his appearance until Detective Comics #140 ... published six years after Bulletman #5!


The introductory pane from Captain Battle #1 pretty well sums up this 1940's hero, a "fearless world-war ace who rushes to ther escue of helpless, conquored and occupied nations, to free them from the terrible yoke of enforced slavery by the conqueror!"  If you're up for some Nazi bashing, follow Captain Battle to 1941 Paris France, war-torn China, and even Chicago's north side to battle a powerful new crime syndicate.  There's plenty more, including the first appearance of "Blackout, Friend of the Opporessed," created by Don Rico!  

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