Saturday Morning Comics: December 17, 2016

Saturday mornings are for cartoons and comics, or at least they were around our house as kids. In that tradition, each Saturday morning we highlight two or more comics that we're reading to kick off the weekend. Every comic we highlight in this space is available right here on VillainPaper, any time on any device! So check out today's offerings and then hit the "Join" button below or click here for some free reads!

Commander Battle and the Atomic Sub #2

After World War II, America's attention turned the Soviet Union, and the Cold War was on.  Commander Battle and the Atomic Sub arose out of this period in American history, a secret weapon battling every manner of underwater threat that one can imagine - including exterrestrial giants and an octopus the size of Manhatten in Issue #2!  But like any good hero, Commander Battle had some specialized sidekicks to help him out; his crew of Atomic Commandos included Olypmic Heavyweight Champion "Champ" Ruggles, escape artist Tony Gardello, and Doc Blake, a scientific expert in atomic fission.  Gorgeously drawn by Sheldon Moldoff (a ghost artist for DC's "Batman") during the same time he was drawing this title for American Comics Group, you won't want to miss any of the seven issues currently on Villainpaper!

Jet Fighters #5

From the seas to the skies! Another short-lived Cold War-era title, this time from Standard Comics, Jet Fighters had all the air combat action you could possibly want!  The team of Ross Andru (pencils) and Mike Esposito (inks) created the feature story, in which the U.S. "Teddy Bear" fighter squadron gets a new C.O. - the infamous Lieutenant Colonel Roger E. "Ramrod" Shaw! The war titles were Andru's and Esposito's way into DC Comics, where they soon were working on Wonder Woman and the Flash.  Make sure you catch these famous artists' early work, which is featured in all three issues of Jet Fighter!


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