Saturday Morning Comics: February 11, 2017

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Whiz Comics #2

One of Fawcett's earlies (and longest-running) endeavors, Whiz Comics introduced us to the supremely popular Captain Marvel in issue #2, a character we've previously covered in this space.  This is Captain Marvel's origin story, as the young orphan Billy Batson meets the wizard Shazam and gains the ability to transform into his alter ego.  

Whiz Comics #2 also introduces recurring character Ibis the Invincible, now part of the DC Universe.  Ibis, a prince of ancient Egypt, awakens from mummification in an American museum to find his lost love, Princess Taia.  Unlike the Universal Studios "Mummy," though, Ibis becomes a force for good, using his ancient weapon (the Ibistick) to fight evil.  Ibis eventually received his own title, sporatically published for six issues between 1943 and 1948.  

Amonst other characters, Whiz Comics #2 gives us the first appearance of the crime-fighting Golden Arrow!  Orphaned at an early age by a despicable act of theft, Golden Arrow was raised in the wild by a prospector and soon gained extraordinary physical abilities, including eagle-like eyesight and extreme strength.  From the prospector's findings the teen fashions his signature weapon ... the golden arrow! 

As we'll see with the next title, and like many Whiz Comics characters, Golden Arrow would receive his own short-lived title in the Fawcett line.  Read the rest of Whiz Comics, coming soon to VillainPaper!

Golden Arrow #2

Like Ibis, Golden Arrow received his own comic title, which was published for six issues occasionally between 1942 and 1947.  Each issue features 4-5 Golden Arrow stories and a handful of special features, and Issue #2 is no exception.  The issue opens with the "Saga of the Northwoods," an accurate description for a soap opera featuring an evil lumber mill owner, a lovestruck union boss, and the object of his affection who falls for Golden Arrow.

In "Death Rides at the Badlands", Golden Arrow is hunted for a crime he didn't commit ... will his signature golden arrows become his downfall? And it's a double blast from the past as Golden Arrow faces off against Knight Hawk, an ancient armored enemy terrorizes ranchfolk!

There's much more in Golden Arrow #2, and VillainPaper has that and all five other Golden Arrow issues ready to read right now!


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