Saturday Morning Comics: January 7, 2017

Happy new year! Here at VillainPaper, we believe Saturday mornings are for cartoons and comics!  In that tradition, each Saturday morning we highlight two or more comics that we're reading to kick off the weekend. Every comic we feature in this space is available right here on VillainPaper, any time on any device! Check out today's offerings and then hit the "Join" button below, or click here for some free reads!

Lost Worlds #6

Oh Standard Comics, you had us at "ant men from outer space."  This beautifully drawn cover by famous illustrator Mark Toth really lives up to the tag line "weird thrills of the past and future."  That's exactly what you'll find inside this short-lived anthology series.  

Issue #6 hooked us right away with "Men and Fire," a Star Trek-worthy tale of lost love, an endangered space colony, and glowing space beasts drawn by Ross Andru of "Spider-Man" fame.  "Space Race" follows a dozen rocket ships as they compete for intersellar fame and glory, beautifully drawn by John Celardo, of "Tarzan" comic strip fame.  Finally, "Outlaws in Space" is a tale of cops vs. galactic mail robber Blaster Raye!  

Out of This World #1

If "Lost Worlds" just doesn't add enough weirdness to your day, "Out of This World" sure will! This Twilight Zone-esque anthology series ended its three-year run in 1959, the same year its inspired television successor began airing.  All 16 issues are ready for your eyeballs on VillainPaper right now!

Rocco Mastroserio illustrated a one-page story in Lost Worlds #6, but his work really shines in "Out of this World #1," in which he is responsible for the artwork of the two lead storie.  "The Miser" recounts the tale of a feature writer with an "out of this world" story, while "The Fugitives" follows a hunt for the most elusive of all earth organisms!  


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