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Daredevil Comics #6 Cover Image

Daredevil Comics #6

Yesterday, we previewed Lev Gleason’s Golden Age classic “Daredevil,” coming soon to VillainPaper! Hold on to your boomerangs because today we’re doing one better and adding Daredevil #6 to our free offerings! The primary story, written and beautifully illustrated by Charles Biro, pits Daredevil against a science experiment gone wrong (you’re on the right track if you imagine the intersection of “The Island of Dr. Morneau,” “Child’s Play,” and “The Wolfman”). Daredevil aside, Issue #6 features a veritable fountain of heroes and heroines: Pat Patriot takes down a German WWII support network, and Nightro searches for a crazed serial killer! But the absolute highlights of the issue have to be the villains, including the enigmatic King Questionmark and, of course, the Claw! All 134 issues are packed with action, and available on VillainPaper soon!

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The Thing #12 Cover Image

The Thing #12

We have a very special Halloween Freebie Friday for your eyeballs this week!  "The Thing!" was a (generally) bi-monthly anthology comic put out by Charlton Comics between 1952 and 1954.  Spanning 17 issues, "The Thing" had a definitive horror bent and featured some work by the most notable names in comic book history.  This includes Steve Ditko, whose first published cover artwork is found on "The Thing!" #12! Ditko also illustrated the first story in issue 12, a demented take on the Cinderella fairy tale.  All 17 issues of this beautiful Golden Age comics title are available on VillainPaper!

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Tales of the Mysterious Traveler #9 Cover Image

Tales of the Mysterious Traveler #9

This week features one of the creepiest Golden Age comics covers we've ever seen, just in time for October! If you're terrified by the Anthony Hopkins classic "Magic", or the Twilight Zone episode "The Dummy", you'll definitely want to steer clear of this week's freebie, which features the World's Greatest Ventriloquist and more! Tales of the Mysterious Travel was published by Charleton Comics between 1956 and 1959, with many stories illustrated by legendary artist Steve Ditko of Marvel Spider-Man fame. The hook: a mysterious traveler who takes us from nerve-shattering story to story à la Rod Serling. Each issue is packed with spine-tingling jitters! Join our growing empire of evil geniuses today to read them all!

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Nickel Comics #4 Cover Image

Nickel Comics #4

Nickel Comics was a short-lived 1940s anthology series that made a big impact for Fawcett. Issue #1 introduced the world to a Bill Parker creation, Bulletman, an intrepid crime fighter who flew around in a gravity-defying metal helmet and possessed superhuman strength and intellect thanks to a chemical cocktail he created.  Bulletman would go on to get his own series (also on VillainPaper!), but for a time Fawcett was content to give him prime real estate in Nickel Comics.  In addition to a Bulletman story, Nickel Comics #4 has something for everyone: wizards, jungle mayhem, a trip to Saturn with Captain Venture, a South American crime fighter named the Red Gaucho.

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